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Classical, pop, musical theatre, jazz, or folk, all styles are taught on a solid technical foundation!

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Singing lessons with top-notch technique in Ottawa.

Singers’ Studio – Heather Dufault | Vocal Instruction in Ottawa

Over 30 years of experience as a professional singer and vocal instructor, Heather Dufault offers skilled vocal instruction and singing lessons here at Singers’ Studio in Ottawa.

Singing Lessons – Building Your Voice

Heather offers specialized help for you to further develop your singing voice. She can help you achieve instinctively correct technique, eliminating bad vocal habits. If you are looking to become familiar with, or more confident in a new or different vocal style, Heather can assist you, enabling you to become a more versatile singer, comfortable in singing any genre of vocal music—including classical, opera, music theatre, jazz, and contemporary pop music.

Helping you Develop Your Own Vocal Style

At Singers’ Studio, emphasis is placed on helping you develop and refine your natural and instinctive way of singing. The goal is to help you gain a deep understanding of your own voice and provide you with the ability to progress independently and confidently. Get started today — contact Singers’ Studio to schedule lessons.

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Foundation skills | Technical skills | Voice training/building | Classical/opera | Contemporary/pop | Jazz Musical theatre

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89 Rita Ave, Ottawa,
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89 Rita Ave,
Ottawa, ON, K2G 2G9

Business Hours

Lessons available by appointment